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My New York Trip

September 9-14, 2009

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My good amici, Maurizio and Courtney Pavone, were my hosts to a wonderful 6 days in New York. Courtney knew all of New York and Maurizio knows all the Sicilians there.
Here is the beautiful skyline of Manhattan looking from the other end of the Brooklyn Bridge.
Manhattan is studded with highrise building, to say the least. You almost get dizzy when there, trying to look up. I am thankful my grandfather left New York and came on the train to California back in 1911.
Here is the Macy's Dept. Store in Manhattan. Coincidentally, the lady sitting next to me on the plane was going there for a meeting. She is the Regional Director of the S.D. Macys.
Here is Herald Square. It is very small, but has a statue and plaque dedicated to Mr. Herald of the New York Herald newspaper. Herald Square is also a Christmas song recorded by Tony Bennett.
This is the old Woolworth Bldg. When built in 1913, it was the tallest building in the world. Mr. Woolworth paid for it in cash, 13 million. It was finally sold in 1997 and houses a college. Woolworth was my first job at 15 yrs. old in San Diego.
St. Patrick's Cathedral in the heart of New York City. It is the largest and oldest there. Beautiful. It is completely surrounded by skyscrapers. We went to a mass inside.
Inside Saint Patricks Cathedral.
We just went into the foyer of this. They were working on getting ready for the Golden Globe Awards in a few days.
Here is Mulberry St.,a famous old Italian section of New York. That is Courtney standing at the beginning of the Festa of San Genera. We walked thru and had lunch there.
Rockefeller Square, also the site of an ice rink and large Christmas tree in the winter.
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