Nieto Sixteen!!

April 12, 2018

The Beautiful Birthday Cake by Grandmother Marlene!! It will surely be a Sweet Sixteen for Nieto and the Family sharing the moment together. A once in a Life Time Event!!
The Big Moment has arrived. A Happy Nieto on the left admiring the cake with exactly 16 candles!! In the middle the candles are lit and things are getting serious!! On the right, Nieto has blown out the candles, he has to be cautious there is lots of smoke with 16 candles!! Speaking of serious, Nieto is studing and preparing to get his drivers license!! Also he just received word that he has been accepted into his High School Choir!! This goes along with learning to play and sing with his gutiar!! Happy Birthday, Nieto!!
Ready------------------------------------------Set---------------------------------------Go!! Neito passed his driving test and is now on his way to a Party!! He gets to drive himself there!!
Nieto and younger brother Giovanni recently got to have horse riding lessons, I'm sure that was a fun day!!
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