Nieto Summer 2013
Nieto and Giovanni playing in the water on the left, at Imperial Beach. The boys on the pier posing with Dad John in the center and Mom Elaine on the right.
Here is Nieto at his Martial Arts lesson. This was "Grappling", he does many different moves including Karate. Nieto has a stack of colored belts as he has progressed, next is purple.
Nieto and his Family came to spend a couple of days with grandparents Ron and Marlene and enjoyed playing in the pool. One night his Mom Elaine fixed a special dinner on the left and Nieto being cute in the center!! On the right his grandmother Marlene is giving Nieto and affectionate hug!! Below is the sundae ice cream that was the dessert. Yum Yum!!
On the left Nieto is on his way to computer classes at Southwest College to learn how to do computer programing!! On the right Nieto and Giovanni are on their way back to school on July 24, 2013, in the Chula Vista School District!! Smart Boy's!!
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