Nieto Five Year Old

Birthday Party

The birthday boy!! Nieto's Party was on Sat. April 14, 2007. The theme of of Party was Super Hero's!! Superman, Spiderman, Caption Marvel, etc.
Shall we just skip to the cake? A work of art, by Mom!
Mom, Elaine Pablo lighting the candles on the cake!
Nieto blowing out the candles with cousin Sarina looking on.
Mom, Elaine cutting the cake for Nieto, and cousin's Julia and Rachel!
Cousin's Rachel, Katharine, and Anna playing a game outside!!
Dad, John Phillips helping Nieto open one of the many presents he received!
The picture above and below was the place to hang out for pizza and then the cake!! Yum-Yum!!
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Nieto's Aunt Valerie, and Uncle Tom enjoying the Party, with Elaine's Mom in the background!

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