Nieto's Graduation

June 10th 2008

Nieto's big day, finishing Kindergarten as an outstanding student. We were all proud of him.
There was a party in his room after the graduation. They had a power-point presentation showing all the students and their year's activities at school.
Here is Nieto with his teacher, Miss Guinn.
Here he is with Mom, Elaine.
After graduation Grandma took him to the Chula Vista Nature Center. Had a great day. Leopard Sharks in background.
With proud grandparents, Papa Ron and Grandma Marlene.
A happy Nieto with his new Circuit (electronics) from his Dad, John, who has a degree in Electronics.
A great place to walk and run for an adventurous boy.
At the end of the half-mile trail to the San Diego Bay on the grounds of the Nature Center.
This may look like the "Lone Ranger" but it is really Nieto !
Nieto just learned to swim !! What a happy boy !!! Couldn't keep him out of the water after that.
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