Oberammeragau, Germany
Well here we are in the colorful town of Oberammeragau!! We were here in 1988 with our daughter and son-in-law while he was in the Air Force. We had never heard of the Passion Play as presented by this town, where approx. 2000 of them participate! We tried to get back in 1990, but were unable to make it at that time. So thankfully we made it in 2000!
We stopped for about and hour for lunch in Munich, Germany on the way to Oberammeragau. Since it was Sunday, none of the stores were open.. We took these two colorful pictures!!
Above and to the right are a couple of pictures looking out the other direction!!
Above is the Bed & Breakfast, where Marlene and I stayed. The photo above is from a postcard we bought. Picture was taken in summer time! On the right is a picture of the back of house in October!! Very picturesque, but cold!
This is the theater where the play is presented! The stage is outside and the audience is covered with a building! The play is presented in 2 three hour acts with a break for dinner in between. I didn't think I could sit that long at one time? Not only did I sit for both session's. The place was packed for both acts of the play, and I only saw one person get up in the 2nd act to go out!! The main stars are professional actors. These are copies of postcards we bought. As part of the price of admission, you are given a book with both English and German, so you can follow along, as the play is in the German language!!
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Above is where Marlene and I had to be at 8:00 a.m. the next morning to catch the tour group on to Switzerland!!