Olivia and Chloe Robershaw

Six Year Old Birthday Party

Chloe on the left and Olivia on the right are having a little coloring and break time before going in the pool!!
Well here are the rest of the girls in the Family, Rachel, Mom Kim on left and joing Rachel on the right are grandma Marlene, her daughter Natalie and Sarina!! Sarina and Rachel are Natalie's daughters!!
Pool Time!!
Olivia and Chloe are in the pool{center] grandma Marlene is getting ready on the left. And the fun begins on the right with small boogie boards!!
Mother Kim joins the girls on the left, giving instructions on diving? Brother Justin joins them in the center picture and on the right, appears to have gotten in over his head?
Dad Tom and son Justin playing together on the left. In the center picture Chloe the Birthday girl is teasing with Papa Ron!! On the right grandma Marlene is teaching Justin and Giovanni to blow bubbles!!
The girls were also joined in the pool by their Aunt Natalie and her two girls Rachel and Sarina. Well, it must be getting close to cake time? The girls uncle John and his boys, Nieto and Giovanni have joined Olivia and Chloe near the steps? It was a fun time for all!!

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