Olivia and Chloe Robershaw

Birthday Party 4 yrs. old!!

On June 27th, Olivia and Chloe came with Mom and Dad to celebrate their Birthday at Grandma and Papa Ron's house. They also brought along brother Justin!!
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Before cake and ice cream, there has to be a little play time in the pool!! On the left, Dad is blowing up the floating device. And on the right Mom, Kim is helping niece Rachel Dixon with her sun screen. The group is trying out the Jacuzzi shallow water 1st!!
Dad is working with Justin in the distance while Kim and Grandma Marlene are helping Olivia and Chloe!!
Mom Kim is helping Chloe to get started, while cousin's Nieto, Sarina and Rachel look on!!
Olivia and Chloe are getting their nerve up to try the pool.
Baby Justin, getting baptized by Mom?
Cousin Sarina in the foreground is also just learning to swim!!
Grandma Marlene say's "she took turns with both Olivia and Chloe with the floating device". Below she is coaxing one of the girls to swim to her!!
Dad has a turn with baby Justin, under the watchful eye of Mom! Click on the Pictures for Enlargement or Click on the Butterfly and see the Girls eat their Cake!!