Olivia and Chloe Birthday # 13

Celebrating with Grandparents

Ron and Marlene

June 24, 2018

Grandparents Ron & Marlene have arrived with gifts for Olivia & Chloe. It is a special day for all the Family as Olivia & Chloe have reached a milestone in their lives. They are officially teenagers now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let the fun begin!!


The Birthday girls have arrived, Olivia on the left and Chloe on the right.

In the top of the packages for each girl are identical Birthday Cards for each girl. Above the girls are reading a message of wisdom from grandmother Marlene. On each side they are displaying the cards!!
And indeed a special Birthday Present from Grandmother Marlene. Crocheted rugs for their bedrooms. Olivia and Chloe had picked the yarn a couple of months earlier. It was a Labor of LOVE for Grandmother Marlene!!
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