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My Sicily Trip 2007

Island of Ortygia

This is the North side of the Island. Remains of an old fort. The Island is crowded and has tiny streets. Alot of vacationers and also residents in small apartments. The sea is the best part.
At the porto de Ortygia. Any of these beach pictures could of been the spot where the boat carrying Apostle Paul docked. This one is where the Island is joined by a causeway to the mainland.
This is on the south side of the Island. Beautiful yacht. The Island was the site of the original Greek colony. Most of the Greek buildings were destroyed by earthquake or enemies thru the centuries.
Here I am getting my feet baptized into the waters of Ortygia. I wanted to swim, but no lifeguards, plus unknown currents and marine life.
The Cathedral of Syracuse, built in 600 AD on top of the Greek temple of Athena.
Inside the Cathedral, you can see the Greek Temple pillars that were formed into the walls of the church.
In the middle of the Island at the Piazza Archimedes is this beautiful fontana (fountain.) The statues are Nymphs, part of Greek mythology. It was very pretty there at night. People were watching soccer on an outdoor TV.
This a stained glass picture of the Last Supper in the Cathedral. There was 3 of these windows with different portions of the Supper, in a side alter.
On the side of the main alter of the Cathedral was this beautiful picture of the Apostle Paul landing on the Island. The only reminder of this important event I saw there.
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A very artful carraige on display in the courtyard of the Museo de Ortygia. These carraiges were used by the Nobility, like Kings and Counts from the 12th to 18th Century. Most Sicilians had wooden carts pulled by donkeys or horses, if they were lucky.