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Palermo 2007

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Buon appetito !! Our after Opera dinner. Buono mangia and vino.
My quiet place ! Roof-top garden at the Palermo B&B. Went every morning to pray and plan for the day. Monte Pelligrino & Bay in background.
The little and best place for Arancini. They are called Bomba here. Fried risotto ball with mozarella and spinach or carne inside.
Beautiful garden next to the Terraza Mare (ocean terrace) in Palermo.
The bello mare, beautiful sea in Palermo.Port in background.
We joined the Palermotani on the Sunday Passagiata on the waterfront. Families, children , some fishing, great !! The Sicilians are very FAMILY oriented.
Sitting on the tile covered benches at the Bay of Palermo.
This boy was selling hour rides on his cart. I tried (in Italian) to ask him for a shorter ride because it was very hot then, he wasn't interested.
Poppies, they are red in Sicily.
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At the Orto Botanico (Botanical Gardens) in Palermo. Over 100 yr. old Banyan trees..
The Bridge of the Oreto. Built in the 1100's by George of Antioch, the military Admiral of King Roger 11. The Oreto River was the main source of water then. It has been diverted, but the historical bridge remains.