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Arriving in Palermo
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Here is the view of the port of Palermo as we arrive from Ustica. Beautiful view !! The birthplace of all the Marchese Family
We are passing into the Port and the dock where we will embark. There is Monte Pellegrino, overlooking the harbor, which we will visit soon.
Hotel Tonic, where we will stay our 4 1/2 days in Palermo. This is my 3rd time at this Hotel. It is small enough to be quiet and helpful, modern, economy priced, and that great breakfast.
A horse and cart that happened by while we were walking on the main street of Palermo. Several of these around the city, they charge an expensive price for just a short ride.
This is Laurie's room, she had that pretty picture. The Hotel has a great location in the city. Close to alot of things, plus a safe neighborhood.
The beautiful breakfast buffet in my favorite Palermo hotel, Hotel Tonic. This is just one of the tables at the buffet, plus a bar with caffe by request !
Here are the local men shoppers in the morning viewing the fresh fish for the day. Often the men do this, because the wife is home working in the kitchen already.
At the MERCATO VUCHERIA - one of 3 mercato's in Palermo. Tons of fruits and veggies and fish !! these are the staples of the Sicilian people.
Can you believe --these are zuchini -would love to see these growing ! While there, zuchini was in harvest, so it was in most meals.
Near the Mercato was one of the many beautiful churches in Palermo - San Domenico. It began in the 13th century. Later in 1848, the King, Roger V111, had his parliament meet there. It is cosidered the Sicilian Pantheon with such notables as Francesco Crispi Prime Minister of Sicily, and Guiseppe Piazzi, discoveror of the astroid Ceres, buried there.
A beautiful display of the fruits and vegetables at the Mercato.
The 2 photos above are the interior of San Domenico.
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We had a visit there in Palermo with friend Salvatore Marchese. He had stayed at our house and sang at one of the Sicilian Festa's in San Diego. Salvatore is a singer, composer, poet and teacher.He is now President of a Catholic Youth organization in Sicily that works in the colleges to bring youth to faith in Jesus Christ. His life had changed !!