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Palermo, capital of Sicily and  the city of Marlene’s ancestors. Population 700,000 plus. Beautiful layout, Similar to San Diego. Bello Mare (sea) and surrounded with mountains. Friendly and helpful people. Her grandfather Mario left Palermo 100 years ago from this port. The ancestors go back ,so far, into the 1700s here in Palermo.
This was our 5th floor Hotel room!Marlene just had to hang a few personal clothes to dry!! This is the Italian way to dry your laundry, so she had to experience it. This is the view out our window!
Civil Records Office where Marlene found 10 official records for her genealogy study!
This is Teatro Massimo [Theater]Our 1st sightseeing adventure! Beautiful inside [no pictures taking allowed] Big = 5 stories – seats 6300!!
Near Quatro Conti we found Marchese Arezzo Piazzeta, which means Little Plaza, we have no idea which Marchese it was named for?
One of the busiest streets in old Palermo, the four corners (Quatro Conti) district! These dogs just laid there!

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