Pittsburgh Bicentennial Celebration

Parade Pictures

More pictures of the parade. Middle picture is me, Rob Liddell and another cousin. Rob's Great-grandfather was the Mayor. My great, great grandmother was the Mayor's wife's sister, and my great great, grandfather was the Mayor's employer and father-in-law, Joseph Spencer.
Down the main street of Pittsburgh - the Parade !! It was 1 1/2 miles long. Beautiful city, picture on the left is a very unique building !! All the blue T-shirts are the Liddell cousins. The Parade ended with the scene above the Park on the right!!
After the parade we walked to the City and County building where the Mayor's office was. We all were treated to a fabulous lunch !!! in the huge and beautiful Dining Hall. Ann, Mickey and I waiting to eat. Above is the beautiful Pittsburgh (fake) cake and big cookies for all We then toured the City Council Chanbers and Mayor's Office.
Left is Rob Liddell, dressed like the old Mayor, in the Mayor's office hallway, with a picture on the walls of every past Mayor. He is standing by Mayor Robert LIddell's picture. Middle - is the Council Chamber and to the right is Ron and Marlene in the actual Mayor's Office. All very beautiful.
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