Pittsburgh Bicentennial


On July 9th, 2016, we traveled to Pittsburgh, Penn. for their 200th - Bicentennial celebration. They first became a city in 1816, and my mother's family emmigrated from there to Calfornia in about 1916. And one of the great, great uncles was Mayor of Pittsurgh in 1878 - Robert Liddell. The city had invited all the descendants of all the Mayors for 200 years to attend the celebration. Below you will see all the parts of the celebration. Our Mayor, Liddell had the most descendants there, probably 50 to 70. So we met alot of cousins on the family tree
The morning of the celebation was the Bicentennial Parade, I, cousin Mickey Cypher, and cousin Ann Thomas are waiting for the parade down the Main St. to start. Mickey and Ann are descendants of my gandmother's brother, Wilbur Barker.
Each person in our group had a sign telling where we were from, all over the U.S. plus one from Sweden.
Our group with a big sign announcing our Mayor Liddell.
Pittsburgh has many Bridges, because of the Rivers that come together there. The picture on the left is theWest End Bridge!! Please Click on the Pictures for Enlargement or Click on the Bridge for the Next Page!!