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Placido Marchese Family


Meeting our new Marchese family in New Jersey. This is Vince and Lillian Marchese, grandson of Placido from 2nd wife Maria Vincenza. They were our hosts and visit planners. Vince is the relative that received one of my letters from “people search”. They planned a great time for us and Lillian runs an Italian  pasta and cookie factory in their basement !,Yum, yum.  Click on Pictures for Enlargement!!
Little Italy, Garfield, New Jersey home town of Placido Marchese. He lived in the house below from about 1900 till his death in 1909.
These are pictures of me, Vince, and one of their daughters, Sue Ann going thru all the Marchese genealogy information. I had brought for them. Sue Ann is the cousin that first contacted me by e-mail..
Vince the candy man!! This is his hobby, a treat for all the guest’s and grandkids!!
The Marchese cousins treated us to a sumptuous dinner at an Italian restaurant. From left to right is Placido’s grandson Steve, Ron, myself, Gerri and Joe (another grandson) and Lillian and Vince. Joe and Vince married sisters, the Di Napoli girls. Visiting with SueAnn’s son Jason and one of her grandson’s, David.

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