Alexandra Indseth Page

On May 2, 2003, Alexandra gave her first piano recital. It was performed at Faith Chapel’s main auditorium in Spring Valley, Ca. She had only been taking lessons for about three months. Here she waits her turn with other students of her teacher, Mrs. Woan-Wong

When it was her turn, she had to take her music and go to the microphone and announce the name of piece she was going to perform and name of composer. In this case the music was “ I Love Music” by Larry Wagner, who was the M. C. and owner of the Academy!! For a very shy five year old she was very brave!

Alexandra, playing “I Love Music”!! After playing she went to the center of the stage and did a courtesy for the audience! A job well done! Grandma and Grandpa got to enjoy the reception that followed with her parents, Dave & Cindy!!

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