Robershaw Fun Weekend!!

August 18-19

Tom and his Family stopped at Safari Park on their way to visit us in Ramona, Saturday morning. Mom Kim did not care for the adventure and brought a book to read. It likely was a good decision since Dad wasn't sure he could do it. He didn't like the height etc. I asked Justin what he like best about the adventure, and he replied the Zip Line part!! Below is a link, I hope it works for you!!

Safari Park

Sunday Morning was another fun day for the Family. Chloe and Olivia above are now into Ballet. Grandmother Marlene had noticed that there was a Ballet Show in Balboa Park in San Diego, so sure enough Mom Kim had tickets for the girls and Grandmother Marlene. So Dad Tom took Justin and I and we boys went to the Antique Car Show also in the Park!! Above is Justn on one of the motor cycles for kids to sit on!!
Thank You Tom, for letting me share these special time's with you and Justin!!
They had many Race Cars as part of the exhibit, this one was set aside for children to sit in. When we arrived for Justin to try it out, we had to wait for a man taking a selfie to get out!!!!!!!!!
Papa Ron and Justin by one of the many beautiful hot rods on display!!
After all the excitement of the morning, it was lunch time!! Pictured above Justin was teasing me wearing my hat and sun glasse's. Usually I object, but he looked kinda cute, so I didn't make a scene? And finally after a long wait, food YEA!!

Sorry there are not more pictures of Chloe and Olivia at the Ballet, but pictures aren't allowed!!

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Here are the kids with Aunt Berta, she is always so happy especially to see Olivia and Chloe!! Tom and Kim are so kind and loving by going the extra mile, so to speak by stopping and visiting Aunt Berta!!