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This was our first stop of our sight seeing, Piazza Narvona. The mime in background was apparently a well run business, several different costumes at various places. As we were having lunch, one disrobed, took his hat full of donations and left the costume there, soon some one else came and took his place!
A view from top of Hotel with St. Peter’s in distance! No building in Rome can be higher than St. Peter’s!
We had lunch at a sidewalk café, while we were there this musician found ourTable?
This is the Pantheon, built in 27 B.C. by the Romans “to all the Gods”. In 600 A.D. it was given to the church and is used to house crypts of famous Kings etc. More importantly it was the first domed building, and the model for Michelangelo study for St. Peter’s
Close by is Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Marlene is standing next to a sculpture by Bernini, and Elephant holding one of seven Obelisk the Roman army brought back from Egypt! The Church is built over  Temple Minerva, hence {sopra}.Below is Michelangelo’s { the Risen Christ} one of his first works! No he did not include the fig leaf!
Raphael's tomb in Pantheon!
Subway with  professionally done Graffiti..
One morning we took a trip outside the Walls [town] to St. Paul’s church, on the left. A very large Church, but not as large as Paul's contribution to Christianity! His letter's are well documented, compared to some other things in Rome that are rather dubious

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