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Rome, Italy
This is our hotel in Rome. Hotel Gerber!! Well we almost ended up in Milan, Italy? When Marlene purchased the train tickets in Florence, she asked the teller what track our train to Rome was on, and she was told to hurry, it was leaving soon. We went to the train, got on , put away our bags, and had a nice window seat. This other couple asks if they could join us? Marlene happened to mention we were going to Rome! The other couple informed us, we were on a train headed to Milan. So they helped us get our bags and get off just in time!! Whew, another close call. The train to Rome had left, so we were told we could catch any train going south of Rome and get off in Rome? We did and we had to stand most of the trip in between trains with some young folks who smoked!! We were happy when the train would make a stop and open the doors!!
Looking up the street, we could see this beautiful "Capitol" building at the end. It didn't look to far away? We had walked just a short distance and we saw a sign that said, "The Pantheon" pointing down this narrow side street? Well we took off down that way and we came to and old building we thought was it! No Camera!! We had went walking without our camera.
Marlene I got settled in our room, and decided to take a walk. I stopped at the desk and asked for a phone # in case we got lost? The clerk asked if we got a map when we checked in? No!! Well just go down to the stop light and turn left. We did and this is what we found, Piazza de Popolo. The Obelisk was made about 1200 B,C. and was brought to Rome by Caesar!
This is looking toward, two 17th century Churches, and the street in between them is the main street in Rome, Via Del Corso.
We realized we were missing some great photo opportunity's. The building on the right turned out to be remains of and old Roman Temple!! We decided to go back and get our camera. The main street was so crowded with people out for their evening passeggiata { stroll} we could hardly walk fast? We crossed to the other side of the road and saw a sign that said " Trevi Fountains" well we bit and sure enough there they were. Fortunately there was store open and I bought throw away camera to take a picture!! It was getting dark so we resolved to get up early the next day and go back and take more pictures!!
This is the real Pantheon!!
We did get up and take our camera the next day!! This is the Boat Fountain at the foot of the Spanish Steps!!
Click on the Pictures for Enlargement or Click on the Flag for St. Peters!!
These two pictures represent classic Rome, the Coliseum and the road up to old Rome, where all the returning armies marched!!
This is part of the Forum, "Old Rome"