Ron & Marlene Robershaw

50th Wedding Celebration

July 06, 2019

The balloons show the way!!
The Tables are set!!
Daughter Valerie was the Party Planner, she rented the tables and had them delivered to our home, along with plates napkins etc. However it was the handiwork of the sons Tom & John that did the work of setting every thing up and decorating the house and tables. Wife's, Kim, Elaine and grand children, Olivia, Neito, Chloe, Giovanni and Justin all pitched in and did a great job!!!!!
Pictured above is the 50th Wedding display of Marlene's parents John & Dee Marchese. On the right is the Desert table with three Cheese Cakes, Yum Yum!! In the middle the Bride Marlene wearing her original Wedding dress with Groom Ron Robershaw. Can we start the Celebration??
The Sign in Table above and on the right a Happy Marlene with grand daughters, Rachel, Anna and Sarina!! Rachel and Sarina are sisters, Natalie is their mother!!
No don't start now, Olivia and Justin have more balloons to put up!!

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