Ron's Birthday Party

# 77

March 8, 2014

On the left is a picture of the kids and grand kids that came to share pizza and cake with me. On the right is me with most of the grand kids!! I would like to Thank all who came out and made it a fun day for me and the Family. I really owe my wife Marlene a BIG THANK YOU for putting it all together, including cooking the cake!! Daughter Val gets a BIG HUG for bringing the ice cream, Yum Yum!! And thank you all who gave me cards and other gifts!! I shared with a couple of kids, all the attenion was giving me a big head and I might need a rubber band to control it!!
Ah, the CAKE, Carrot cake!! In the center picture I have blown out the candles. You can see the smoke in front of my face. And on the right I am leading as they sing Happy Birthday!! And it was a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! The crown I was wearing was of aluminum foil, not sure who put it together?
Here I am watching some of the kids playing. From L. to R. Abbie, Nieto, Chloe, Kattie and Olivia!!
Son John with his Family, wife Elaine, sons Nieto, and Giovanni.
On to the Park at Poway. Kim with children Olivia, Justin, and Chloe!! Daughter Valerie with her foster daughters Kattie, and Abbie. The Birthday Boy and wife Marlene!!
Well this trolley above was the main attraction that we were all waiting for in the pictures above!! Kids being kids, Justin and his sisters are making faces for Mom's picture taking. On the right, they are on the trolley and some how have a smile on their faces? Their Dad Tom paid for all our tickets, THANK YOU TOM!!
There was a small stream that run through the Park. In the center picture, the kids are seen playing in the water. They had the most fun here, jumping around the rocks etc. trying not to get wet. On the left is Chloe in the foreground and us boys on the bridge in the distance. On the right is a closeup of myself, sons John and Tom and big boy Justin who just turned six!! A Happy Birthday Party comes to an end, Thanks again for the Family that made my day special!!
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