Ron's Surprise Birthday Party

# 79 Page Two

March 4, 2014

Yeah we are now inside!! We were all assigned seats when we checked in. These were good seats, Tom and some of the Family had to move out and let the friends and relatives of the winner be introduced. After they had waved at the winner, they left and the Family got their seats back!! On the right and left are two pictures of the set. Very pretty and artistic!!
Aren't I a lucky fella? I get to pose between two good looking and sweet women!! Wife Marlene on the right and daughter in law Kim on the left!!
Daughter in law Kim,taking pictures of the Family!! Kim contributes greatly to the Family webpages sharing her pictures with me!! Thank You Kim!!
Announcer Jim Thornton did much to entertain the audience during commercials and time before the show started. Above he is posing with Chloe, Justin and Olivia with prizes he had given them!!
Here is another pretty shot of the wheel with a man working on it. In between the puzzles the contestants would leave the stage and the workers would change the markers for the next round!!
In between shows, the camera men let Olivia pretend she was the camera operator, with a happy dad Tom on the left looking on!!
Grandson Justin on the end with the relatives and friends of the winner waiting to wave at Pat and the winner!!
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