Ron's Birthday Party

# 78

February 28 - March 7

Like Granndson Justin, I got to have two days to enjoy getting a year older!! I got to share Justin cake and his Family on February 28th. Not only did I get to share his cake, I got to eat the left overs!!
Above I have received my gift from son Tom's Family, with grand daughter Chloe and grandson Justin. The kids had designed a beautiful envelope my Birthday card came in!!
Here I am with wife Marlene and grandson Justin showing off my beautiful brown belt that I had asked for!!
Now isn't this beautiful? March 7, daughter Valerie made and brought this beautiful pizza style cake for my Birthday! It had cookie crust dough on the bottom, filled with lemon curd and topped with blackberries and raspberries. The taste was as good as the picture looks!!

This is Anna, one of Valeries twin teenage daughters. Yes, she already has a boyfriend and he is of Italian decent, so it's O K with grandmother Marlene!!

Below is a good picture of Anna with sister Julia, I've been saving it, for good place to share with the Family!!

This is Abbie and Katie, foster children that Valerie and her husband Ken are in the process of adopting. They are very sweet and well behaved young ladies!!

Below is another picture of Abbie and Katie when they were here another time!!

Here I am posing with the chef Valerie!! She is very talented, like her Mom Marlene. She was the key player in our being able to give her Mom a surprize birthday party!!
And on the left, Mom Marlene!! Am I spoiled or what? Having a Birthday Party with only girls in attendance? They even sang Happy Birthday to me. Now I can't wait till next year!!
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