Ron's Birthday Party

March 06, 2019


Am I a lucky guy or what? Dinner with 6 sweet women!! Marlene, daughters Valerie, Cindy, Natalie, granddaughter's Sarina,and Anna!! Daughter Val is a great cook and Party planner. She gave me a box of Biscotti cookies!! She furnished the balloons, and a Pizza Cake that was sweet and beautiful. Daughter Cindy is very practical, She gave me a gift card to Home Depot!! Daughter Natalie gave me two pair of gloves, a bottle of wine, two jars of jelly and a cup of Starbucks Coffee!! I told her " I think she just likes to shop"? I got a special call this morning from son Tom and daughters Olivia and Chloe, they sang Happy Birthday to me!! Son Ritchie bought me a electric razor, and my wife Marlene started my day with a beautiful Birthday card!!
They say a picture is worth a thousand words!! Just look at that Cake and all the goodies I got to take home!!
Well we are the hungry ones? Myself, Val the Party Planner, daughter Cindy and Grand daughter Anna!!
What, another Party? Yes!! Son Tom and his Family came for the weekend. The 1st thing I was given was the beautiful hand crafted card by son Tom and signed with Sweet Thoughts from the Family. My wife Marlene had made a Mud Pie per my request, And on the right the candle's have the right number for my age. So since there are only two, I think I can blow them out?
Well the Party is over and I got to keep the ballons!! Another Birthday has past, but the Memories linger on. I just want Thank all the Family for taking their time, expressing their Love and the Joy of Family Togetherness!!
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