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Happy 68th Birthday

On March 6, 2005 I celebrated my 68th birthday with most of my immediate Family at the Olive Garden Restaurant in Grossmont Center. It was the Restaurant of choice and was enjoyed by all who attended! In the photo above, left to right, son Tom, older bro. Reginald, myself, daughter Cindy, her husband Dave Indseth.

In the photo to the right is, left to right, Elaine, son Nieto, my stepson John Phillips. He is a school teacher in the Chula Vista District. To his left daughter –in-law Kim and next to her is granddaughter Katharine and Kim’s husband Tom! Marlene took the photo’s, she was sitting by Katharine.

In this photo, left to right is grand daughter Julia, daughter Cindy, her husband Dave, their daughter, Alexandra, and grand daughter Anna, who was enjoying playing a hand held computer game with cousin Alexandra! Also not shown was the twins Mom Valerie, whom had been sick, so it was a pleasant surprise to see her and the girls were able to make it!

It was a fun Birthday for me, it is always fun to see the grand children {cousin’s} warm up to each other and start laughing and playing together! It recalls those memories of my childhood days and the fun times I had playing games with my “Robershaw cousin’s”. My stepson John Phillips provided a small chocolate cake that we all shared for the special occasion!! Yum, Yum!! I was equally blessed by a couple of golf certificates and other goodie’s from the other Family member’s! I know the music isn’t Happy Birthday, it’s one of the old hymns that isn’t sung much anymore, but I still love it and after all it was my Birthday!!

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