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Sicilian Entertainer Salvatore Marchese

Wow’s San Diego, Ca.

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Music is " Treno" from Sal's C D
Sal chatting with a fan at the Italian Festa in Little Italy, San Diego, May 25, 2005. On the right Sal is getting direction’s on the sound system from Tony Di Bono, who is the arranger, etc. for Roman Holiday, a local Italian band and dance group that was in charge of the Festa. Sal is from Sicily, plays piano-bar music in New York 3 months a year, and came to S.D. to visit Marchese's & sing.

Sal display’s sign, host Marlene Marchese Robershaw made for him to identify her at the airport!

Sal join’s the audience to get them involved!

Let the Show begin!!

Is this Italian or what! Sal borrows a hat from one of the fans who was singing along with him!
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