Salvadore  Marchese

This is Salvadore in his Royal Italian Army dress uniform in Palermo, Sicily, about 1893. He had stars for bravery and was in the artillery. He was my grandfather’s brother. Salvadore married Maria Morabito above, after her 1st husband Giovanni died in 1898. Giovanni also was my grandpa’s brother. That’s right, she married 2 brothers. Salvadore came to America in 1902. In Palermo the family was in the fruit-merchant  business. Salvadore continued that in America. Salvadore & Maria married in Niagara Falls in 1904 and then came to San Jose, Ca. in 1909. They had 6 children of their own, 3 children from Giovanni and later raised 3 girls of Salvadore’s sister Teresa when she died during childbirth. They also took in oldest daughter Rose, and her 2 boys when the father died. This makes 14 children that called this “Home.” Salvadore’s sons would end up owning the largest distillery in San Jose and the Marchese Brothers Liquor Distributors Inc. Salvadore, sister Teresa ,and brother Mario would all live on Palm St. in San Jose. Salvadore died in 1944 and Maria in 1959. Youngest daughter Nancy Marchese Braga is the only survivor, she is 92. Since this was written, Nancy passed on in 2010, age 98.
This is Aunt Maria with son Paul about 1945. So far there are no other pictures of Salvadore. Maria was very active in the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Her children were: Charles, Rose, John, Eugene, Albert, Paul, Joe, Nancy, & Arthur. Arthur died at a young age.
Aunt Maria’s 80th birthday in 1951 with family. Top row from left, # 3,4 & 5, sons Joe, Albert & Paul. 6& 7, grandsons Paul & Leo. Bottom row in black Aunt Maria, left of Aunt Maria, daughter Rose, right of Maria, daughter Nancy. Grandchildren Raymond, Barbara & Sandra on floor. 
This is Teresa and Albert Marchese, before their marriage in 1937. Albert is Salvadore and Maria's 2nd son. They had 5 sons and 1 daughter. Maria had 3 children to her first husband, Salvadore's brother Giovanni.
Maria with 4 of her sons, Left - John, (father is Giovanni), Albert, Joe, and Paul. She was around 83 in this picture, taken in 1954.

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