San Jose Trip 2014

Meeting My Manfre Family!!

This is the only Manfre buried in Ustica, Angelo. He is the father of Letizia Manfre, a cousin in Ustica in the same generation as Marlene. My great, great, grandmother was Maria Manfre, born in Ustica in 1816, and Angelo would be a descendant. Maria's father was Gaetano and grandfather was Antonino Manfre. They were the 1st Manfre's on the Island of Ustica, along with 49 other families that colonized the Island in 1763.
This is Letizia Manfre and part of her family, who live in Ustica. Many of the Manfre left the Island at different decades and went to New Orleans, San Francisco or Australia.
This is Lisa, Stacey and Sandy Manfre. Lisa lives in San Jose, and their grandmother was Felice Manfre from Ustica, came to San francisco in 1910. I got to meet them in Nov. 2014.
This is Rosalia Manfre born in 1849. This could be the mother of Rosalia Manfre, sister of Angelo Manfre.
Pietro Bertucci with Marlene, taken in Ustica. Our Maria Manfre's grandmother was Maria Conchetta Bertucci, so we are also cousins with the Bertucci's.
Sandy, Marlene and Lisa, all Manfre cousins!!
Marlene with the Manfre cousins in San Jose, plus grandaughter Katharine, who now lives there. She graduated from UCSB in June!!
3 Manfre sisters in Ustica, probably early 1900's. One of them married into the Licciardi family.They later emigrated to Australia.

More of the San Jose visit with cousins. Note: Maria Manfre in the 1840s went to Palermo, Sicily, married an Anello, and then the Anello married Placito Marchese.

Grandaughter Katharine standing in front of the Marchese house in San Jose. This is where grandpa Mario Marchese lived from 1909 to 1929 and him and Domenica Pavia Marchese had 8 children (one died after birth.) This is during the San Jose visit in 2014.
At my 2012 visit to Ustica, I had this picture taken of myself with 2 cousins and one friend. left to right: Pietro Bertuci, friend, me, and Rosa Salerno Licciardi. Her mother-in-law was Rosalie Manfre.
Marlene with cousin Letizia and Marchese cousin, Laurie, in Ustica. Taken on our trip to Ustica in 2012!!
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