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My San Jose Trip 2009

August 22, 2009

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Back to San Jose, this time to spend some time with newly discovered cousin, Karen Nicolini Hartley, and bring son Tom to see the Marchese historical sights.
Here is Tom in front of his grandfather John Marchese's birthplace on Palm St.. Tom is very interested in seeing all the old sights of his ancestors.
The Palm St. house is really kept up nice and the owner of 15 years, let us stand inside and view the house. Large parlor and dinning room, 1 extra bedroom was added.
Cousin Karen is the daughter of Leo Nicolini, son of Rose Marchese Nicolini that came over on the boat with other Marcheses in 1903. She was our wonderful tour guide.
I had to have my picture taken in this pose. One of the few pictures of Grandmother Minnie is sitting here on her front porch. Most of the house has been renewed except these rail posts.
This is the front of Great Uncle Salvadore and Aunt Maria's house across the street on Palm St. We got to peek into the dinning room window and it was like it had been suspended in time. It was the sight of all the BIG dinners and parties for the Marchese family. The original hutch is still there after about 70 years. Aunt Maria always sat in front of it in the pictures.
At the Santa Clara Catholic Cemetery. Tom by the grave of his Great-grandmother Minnnie Marchese. It is a heart shaped and the cross is the grave behind. She died in 1926.
Here I am with Tom at the house again. Tom remarked " being there in San Jose I feel like I know my grandfather alot better now."

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This is the newer owners of the Marchese Bros. Distillery. It was the biggest in the area. Sold to these people, Frank-Lin Co. in the 60's.We also owned the Marchese Bros.Wholesale Liquor Co.