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Marlene and Son Tom's Trip!!

Sicily 2010

From April 24 to May 2, Tom and I went on a Sicilian Vacation. We took Alitalia across the Atlantic, great airline compared to all the rest. This time we had great accommodations at Hotel Tonic in Palermo. Best breakfast in all of Italy ! Quiet and great staff. It was our hub for 8 days.
One of Tom's goals was to go to all the places his ancestors habitated, plus all the Palermo historical sights. The Emmigration ship mole was a long L shaped jetty with a wide road on top. It is now used for small craft. Great to sit there and reminisce.
Tom found the gate to enter this Mole at the Palermo Port where our ancestors stood to get the Emmigration boats to America from 1900 to 1903. In background Mt. Peligrino, which we later visited.
PRETORIA FOUNTAIN , outside the Palermo Municipal office. has 16 statues, built in 1555 for a Viceroy in Tuscany. Later shipped to Palermo when the son didn't like all the nudity.
PORTA FELICE Built in 1500's as entrance gates to Palermo. Chains were placed across these to protect the city from Pirates at the harbor. Via Vittoria Emanuele is street between.
We were intrigued by the narrow streets (alleys) and also the washing hanging out of the windows.
Painted wagons and car on left with Tom. We found them in an alley where there was alot of Marionette related business.

MUSEO DE MARIONETT -- the famous Marionette Museum in Palermo. An extensive collection of antique Marionettes from Sicily , India and Indonesia. 3 stories high, beautiful. The shows are about Sicilian history and folklore with alot of action.!!

The pictures painted on the car and wagons depicts the popular characters of the Marionette shows. Sicily is trying hard to keep this historical tradition and industry alive.
OPERA DI PUPI ---The Puppet Show. There are 3 in Palermo. The marionettes are out of wood with metal strings. Exciting show ! The Dragon was fierce and the Knight's swords were swinging !
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