Spencer Family Plot

Here we are at last !! The historic cemetery in Pittsburgh with our FAMILY PLOT. One of the oldest cemeteries in Pitts.Great-great grandparents the Spencers bought this plot with all my Greats, (14) buried here.
The obelisk  and plot was bought by Joseph & Maria Spencer around 1892. Beautiful site. They were buried with the rich. How great to be there where so many of my ancestors are remembered.
Marilyn from the cemetery staff came to the plot with us. She had helped me find this 3 years ago. She helped us do a rubbing on this side of the obelisk, it was worn. Right—Marlene, Marilyn & cousin Ann., another great-great granddaughter.
Great-grandma Annie Eliza Spencer Barker
Great-great grandpa Spencer!

Next we found the Phoenix Brewery that Joseph Spencer owned until 1874, biggest producer of ale in Pittsburgh. It is at 24th & Smallman St. by the river. Lastly was the Otto Milk Co. and the building is now for sale. The statue of a Phoenix is still on the building under the “O” in the sign. It is a well built brick building.

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