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St. Joseph Day

San Pedro, California

March 18, 2012

This day was a special day we had looked forward to for months. Tom had planned for us to attend this big Italian Festival. Every March, the Italians celebrate the Table of Saint Joseph or il Tavolo di San Guiseppe. The events are held all over Italy and in most American cities, usually at the Catholic Churches. The top picture is the outside of the church with a beautiful mural. This is "Mary Star of the Sea" church in San Pedro, CA.. The main event of the day is viewing the very ornate and appetizing display table of special Italin foods. There is also many ornate statues etc. for beauty. Another specialty of the day are the specially made breads in different shapes. Click on the Pictures to appreciate the food!!
Here is son Tom with his daughters Olivia and Chloe standing in front of the artistic food table. Tom and his Mom Marlene was enjoying a man yelling something in Italian?
Above is a small statue of Joseph and Jesus that will be carried in the parade. In Italy, this day is also their Father's Day. They celebrate Joseph and all earthly fathers.
This is the special banner for the Festival with Joseph and Jesus on it. This day is to remember Joseph and Mary looking for lodging in Bethlehem. The table represents the hospitality they finally received.
This is the children that will portray the Holy Family traveling to find a room. They were also in the parade.



Please Click on the Flag above for Page Two!! The Table was at the school gym next to the Church. All the participants was invited out to the street to form a Parade to the Church for a Mass Celebrating St. Joseph!!