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St. Joseph Day

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Parade and Lunch

The person in charge finally got all of us in the gym outside, the weather outside was cold and windy!! In the picture above the parade is forming!!
Here is the long procession for the event. The Banners, the Statue, the Holy Family kids, the retired Cardinal, different groups that help, and the rest of us.
Here are the attending Priests and retired Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles. Mahoney spoke at the church and the dinner at the end.
The police were there to cordan off the area for us, but the wind was relentless.This is a very big event for this church which was formed in the 1880's.
Here is the Knights of Columbus group. The place was filled with Italians.
Here is the view of the parade from the back!
The Band played on !!! Great music. They entertained us before the parade and also while we were having lunch!!
This is son Tom, Olivia, Chloe and Papa Ron bringing up the rear!!
Grandmother Marlene, Papa Ron and grand daughters Olivia and Chloe!!
After the Church service, the Parade was formed by the congregation and marched back to the gym. This is Joseph's statue returning!! Time for lunch.
Son Tom with a happy mother Marlene!! A fun day for all.
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