Touring Pittsburgh

Here we are standing at the top of the bluff overlooking the beautiful city of Pittsburgh. Most of my family left here in early 1900ís and never returned, they have really cleaned it up. The 3 rivers join here and the many bridges are painted a yellow-gold. Although it is a big city, it is not as crowded as San Diego.
Cousin Mickey Cypher, myself, and cousin Ann Thomas at the top of the lift. The lift is at the right. People use the lift to go from the business section by the river to the houses at the top of the bluffs. The middle picture shows the tall hotel and restaurant on the old site of the Pennsylvania Union Station. In the mid 1800ís this site was a canal off of the river (Monongahela) and the mother-in-law of my great-grandma Annie Barker, lived on this site when she was first married in 1838.†††
This is the home on Frankstown Rd. in Pittsburgh that my great-uncle Wilburís 1st wife lived in before they were married in the early 1900ís. This is also the street that my great-grandma Annie lived on before she died in 1920. Their house had been destroyed to widen a road.
This is Rob and Mickey Cypher, new cousins, with dog Spencer. They were our Wonderful Hosts for our 4 day visit in Penn. They are Pastors of the Living Word Church there in New Wilmington. Mickey is the great-granddaughter of Wilbur Barker.

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