Anna and Julia Sundberg

Celebrate Ninth Birthday at Grandparent's

August 22, 2008

Mom, Valerie setting up the cakes each twin had chosen from her Bundt Cake Shop!!
Each twin was allowed to bring one friend to share this time together! Anna on left brought her friend Anna Marie, Julia on right brought her friend Molly.
Anna and Julia posing with their cakes!
A little pool time first!! The girls seeing who could tread water the longest!! Grand mother Marlene, just two years ago was teaching them how to swim. Now the girls are faster across the pool than her!! Ah youth!!
Anna and Molly

Julia and Anna Marie ! Below Julia and Molly!

Mom Valerie, grandpa Ron and stepdad Ken enjoyig the frivolity!
Anna and Anna Marie!!
Julia, queen for a day!
Anna getting ready to blow out the candles!
I'm going to huff and puff and blow these candles out!!
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