Return to Ustica 2014

Tom and Marlene Robershaw

June 13 - 22

Old Napoli !! we first took 2 trains from the airport to Napoli, Tom in front of the Fast Train to Naples. Then we took the big Ferry, Vincenza Floria,( to the right),overnight to Palermo.That is Marlene above, enjoying the view of the Napoli Harbor, where so many of the 9 million Italians departed for America at the turn of the 20th century. The sea was a little rough for this trip.
Probably the busiest harbor in Italy. The building to the left is the old castle Nuovo, built in 1279 to house the Royal Court. The mountain in the center background is Pompeii. To the right, is Tom and Marlene enjoying the 1st class restaurant in the ship. A 5 course dinner. That is where we discovered that Leeks are called Finochio in Italian, just like Pinocchio, but with an F sound they were in the salad.
After sleeping all night on the Ferry Ship, we arrived in the Palermo Port,than ran over to the Catamarano that brought us to Ustica one hour later. Above from left. is city of Ustica and departing the Catamarano with a warm abraccio (hug and kiss) from Maria Compagno. To the right is Salvatore Compagno and Pietro Bertucci, cousins and co-hosts for our stay. They had all been our guests during their stay in California last year.
Here is Marlene and Pietro, near the top of the Falconieria, the high mountain inhabited by the Romans. In the middle, Pietro, Tom and Salvatore, at one of the Bourbon Towers built in the 1700's to watch out for the enemy or Pirates, then to hold prisoners. At the right is a Manfre relative with Tom. This is Pietro, grandson of our close cousin, Letizia Manfre. We had first met Pietro in 2010, when he was much smaller. He is now in High School and soon to go to live in Palermo for his studies.
This is a very old street in the older section of Ustica,Via Tre Mulini. Down this street is where our close cousin Letizia and family live. There is always alot of her family there. This old section was built in the 1700's out of volcanic rock. Then people moved closer to the Port and built newer homes. After that, these homes were used for animals and farming. But later, people restored and remodeled these homes and now inhabit them. Tom on the right at a jail.

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