Venezia, Italy


One of the many Palaces in the distance. We had signed up for a day trip to the colorful Isle of Burano! This photo taken from boat!!
The group is having lunch and a good time as the servers were very entertaining. Marlene asked for some extra calamari, the waiter just dumped all he had in her plate!!
This is a canal that runs through the tiny fishing village. It once was famous for it's lace industry!!
Here Marlene is posing on one of several bridges that cross the canal.
Yes Folks!! There was a real Casanova. This was his house and he had several wife's! We passed it on our way back from Burano!!
We had a little free time when we got back to Venice. Here is Marlene with the pigeons at St. Marks Square.
This is St. Marks Tower. Marlene and I were very fortunate, when we went up to top, it wasn't crowded at all.
These next three pictures were taken from the top of St. Marks Tower. This is looking down at St. Marks Cathedral!!
I'm not sure of names for winged columns below but the island in the distance was pretty!
Note the cruise ship in the distance and how big it is! Also you can see how close the houses are to each other!!

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Above on the left is the "Famous Bridge of Sighs" and next is a photo on the gondola, we were on, looking up the canal. And on the right is a happy Marlene!! Unfortunately we saw some raw sewage in the water shortly afterwards, and we had to sit in separate seats to balance the boat. All this kinda put a damper on a fun day!!