Visiting Grandparents

Ron and Marlene

July 07-14

For the summer of 2018, grandma Marlene wanted son Tom and Kim's children to spend a week at her house, to have fun together and join in some lessons and also some work !! One of the lessons is pictured above. They made waffles for our dinner. They did the batter, put the batter in the waffle maker, and took it out when done. And no one got burned !!! Very good !!
Here is Chloe and Olivia doing a scrapbooking project for grandma. They loved doing it, and did such a superb job that grandma has given them the job permanently !! On the right are the girls displaying their sewing project. They wanted to make some clothes for their American Girl dolls. Shorts and Skirts.
And now we come to the WORK project. The majority of the 1st floor is tile. Grandma has a hard time being able to mop it all, so the girls did it for her, wow, clean floors at last !! At the same time, grandpa Ron and Justin washed the car!!Great job, car was really dirty !!
The 3 pictures above are the visit with the kid's great, great, Aunt Berta Angell. Olivia, Chloe, and Justin are always so kind and thoughtful in their visits with her, and she loves to see them. Here they are playing Dominnos with her, and helping her re-learn the game.This is the lobby of the Nursing Home she lives at. She turned 102 in February.
Grandson Justin above doing what he really has fun at, when visiting Grandma and Papa Ron? Playing games on Papa's computer!! However on Monday, he rode with Papa to make Papa's Monday routine trip to Spring Valley. We loaded the trash on Papa's truck, and on the way, stopped and got donuts. We stopped at Papa's Ron friends place and split a donut. Then the fun began, Papa Ron collected the rent money and Justin counted it for Papa just to make sure it was right!! Tuesday was another big day for Justin and Papa? It was golf day for both of them. Justin got to help Papa putt occasionally and also got to drive the golf cart!! And just to be good boys, we helped Grandma Marlene one day, Justin climbed up in the apple tree and helped Papa pick apples for Grandma!! Click Here, for Video of Kids in the Pool

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