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Ziccardi Family

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This is Teresa Marchese Ziccardi, sister of Mario Marchese, with their first child, Rosalie Ziccardi. Rose was born in 1910 and this was taken 1912.
Here is the Ziccardis about 10 years after their marraige. Teresa is holding Edie, next is Rose, Giovanna and Guiseppe. Margaret is in the chair.Teresa is probably pregnant with their 6th baby. Baby #2 died shortly after birth in 1912.
Here is a picture of the 4 girls after Teresa dies in 1919 during childbirth.. They are probably wearing their uniforms from the Catholic boarding school they were enrolled. From left: Edie, Rose, Giovanna and Margaret
This is Rosalie all dressed up so cute, the back of this picture says she was 5 yr. old.
This is Margaret and Rose with Margaret's son Raymond, sometime in the 50's. He was the light of their life.
A few years after Teresa dies, the father took them to Italy where he had a few relatives left in Abruzzi. While there Guiseppe and Giovanna die, Here are the only 3 Ziccardi left. After this, they returned to the U.S.& lived with Maria and Salvatore.
This is Edie, Margaret, Rose and Edie's daughter Maria. They are all dressed up for Margaret's wedding to her 2nd husband Ed Silva (her 1st husband Henry Zavala died)
This is a good photo of Rose at her 91st birthday.
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