Descendants of Antonino Manfre



Generation No. 1


1.  ANTONINO1 MANFRE was born 1761 in Lipari, Sicily, and died 1836 in Ustica, Sicily.  He married GIOVANNA MATTINA 1776, daughter of GAETANO MATTINA and ROSA BONGIOMO.  She was born 1756 in Lipari, Messina,Italy, and died June 09, 1836 in Ustica, Sicily.



2.               i.    GAETANO2 MANFRE, b. 1793, Ustica, Sicily; d. 1823, Ustica, Sicily.



Generation No. 2


2.  GAETANO2 MANFRE (ANTONINO1) was born 1793 in Ustica, Sicily, and died 1823 in Ustica, Sicily.  He married MARIA RANDO 1815, daughter of FELICE RANDO and MARIA BERTUCCI.  She was born in Ustica, Sicily.



3.               i.    MARIA3 MANFRE, b. October 06, 1816, Island of Ustica off of Palermo Sicily.



Generation No. 3


3.  MARIA3 MANFRE (GAETANO2, ANTONINO1) was born October 06, 1816 in Island of Ustica off of Palermo Sicily.  She married SALVATORE ANELLO September 18, 1844 in Palermo, Sicily, son of FRANCESCO ANELLO and ROSALIA PUCCIO.  He was born January 07, 1823 in Mezzomoreale section of Palermo Sicily, and died January 05, 1869 in Mezzo. section ofPalermo Sicily.



 At her birth, the Padrini where Don Antonino ( Mayor) and Angela Martello. In 2010, great,great grandaughter, Marlene Marchese Robershaw and son Tom Robershaw, visited Ustica and found Maria's certificate of baptism at the church there. Then they met Letizia Manfre, a cousin and also descendant of Gaetano Manfre. Letizia was born in Ustica in 1945, her father was Angelo Manfre and her grandfather was Gaetano Manfre. Angelo's sister was Rosalia. Letizia's sisters are Maria, Licia




According to Rosalia and Maria's birth certificates, Salvatore was a gardener ( Giardioner) in the Mezzomorreale district of Palermo. It seems that all the other Anellos were the same.



                  i.    ROSALIE4 ANELLO, b. June 15, 1845, Palermo,Sicily; d. November 28, 1878, Palermo Sicily; m. PLACIDO MARCHESE, December 31, 1860, Palermo, Sicily; b. January 05, 1838, Palermo Sicily; d. July 08, 1909, Garfield, New Jersey.



Rosalie Anello was born in Palermo, Sicily. Mario Marchese told his children that his mother, Rosalia, died when she was pushing him in the park when he was 3 months old. It is possible that the park was the grounds of the Villa Tasca.

    One of her brothers is Antonino (Anthony) Anello, whose son is Benedetto Anello. Benedetto was the cousin of Mario Marchese that helped the family get started in San Diego around 1926. He got Mario a job at the S.D. Gas & Electric. When Benedetto was a young man in Palermo, he worked in the gardens at the Villa Tasca  which was the villa and gardens of Count Tasca D'Almerita. The Count also had a winery in the hill country by Palermo, which is now part of the Regaliali wine dynasty. It is still held by the family. It is famous because Wagner was inspired to write the end of his Parisifal while vacationing at the Villa.

     Benedetto's wife is Angelina Bavuso. Their daughter is Nancy Anello Alianelli of San Diego.  

   Benedetto came to San Diego in 1915. He worked until retirement at Balboa Park as a landscaper. After that, he worked at Convair. He died in 1972 and is buried at the Holy Cross Cemetery in San Diego.






Burial: Palermo, Italy




   Placido Marchese was born in Palermo Sicily in 1838. He married Rosalie Anello. They had atleast 5 children, Maria, Giovanni, Salvadore, Teresa and Mario. The records show he married again 5 years after Rosalie died. He emmigrated to America in 1900, and lived somewhere in Brooklyn for a few years before coming over to New Jersey. He was there to meet Salvadore at the boat in 1902 and also there to meet Teresa and daughter-in-law Maria at the dock in 1903.The ship manifests all say the Placido will meet them at 40 Union St. Here is the information about this location:40 UNION STREET - BROOKLYN


  The following information taken from the Brooklyn Almanac of 1897 from the Library of Congress.


When the Marchese family members came to America beginning in 1900, on each Ship Manifest they would declare that their father Placido Marchese was going to meet them at "40 Union Street." Son Salvadore came in 1901, son Mario came in 1902, and daughter Teresa and daughter-in-law Maria with 3 grandchildren came in 1903.


   According to the Brooklyn Almanac, this location was owned by Italian Banker Don Antonio Sessa. It was sort of an immigration , all-in-one shop. It was called Sessa's Mutual Italian Society in 1897 and by 1902 it was also Sessa's Union Hall (Longshoreman's Union) and Italian Protective Assn. that met on the 1st and 3rd Mondays. The Mutual Italian Society (La Societa di Mutuo Soccorso) was formed first in Sicily of the same year, 1897, for the socialization of the Sicilian peasant workers.

   Sessa's hall was a travel agency, notary, law office, Italian bookstore, Post Office Sub-station and site of the 1st Italian-American Theatre that was funded by Antonio Sessa. They also housed some of the immigrants there, as some deaths have been recorded there of 3 Italian children that died from an illness.

  Mr. Sessa was a pioneer of the Italian Community of Brooklyn and also very much involved with philanthropic organizations in Little Italy. He had banking offices in the heart of Brooklyn. He was born in 1849 in Sorrento and came to New York in 1877.

  40 Union Street is right on the waterfront of South Brooklyn directly across the bay from Governor's Island, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, so there was probably a ferry boat that delivered immigrants to this location. It is also by the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel.

  At Union street there was also recorded to be 2 other agencies at 56 Union St. One called the Brotherly Love Society and another Reggio Villa Society.

  After many years of trying to find my ancestors listed at 40 Union St. in the census, it is wonderful to finally know what the location really was.

             Marlene Robershaw



  When PLacido re-married in 1893, it was to Maria Vincenza Bonanno and he was then in Alcamo, Sicily, which is East of Palermo. He had a large citrus farm there.Maria was 17 when they married and Placido 55.They had 3 children while in Sicily, and one after coming to America.The children born in Sicily were John, Joe, and Angelina. According to his second family, Maria came here 1st with the 3 children and worked while the kids were in Catholic orphanage. Placido came 3 years later, then they had one more child, Steven. Placido would of been 65 years old when Steven was born. PLacido died in 1909 in Garfield New Jersey, where he lived 9 years before his death. In America he continued his occupation as a fruit merchant. 



Burial: St. Nicholas Cemetery Intern. # D1364


                 ii.    ANTONINO ANELLO, b. 1846, Palermo Sicily; d. 1912, Palermo Sicily; m. NUNZIA ORSO, 1875, Mezzomoreale, Palermo, Sicily; b. Palermo Sicily.

                iii.    MARIA ANELLO, b. August 1847.