I am one of those endangered species, a San Diego California Native. I was blessed to be born in a city that no one wants to leave. I was the only child of John and Dee Marchese, born Dec. 4, 1934. We lived in the same house in the College Ave. area from 1940 on. My mother and I attended Grossmont High School. My last year there, they ran double sessions and called my session, Helix High School. It was the first year of the new school. I attended SDSU and Grossmont Jr. College several years, but kept having children and gave up trying to get a degree. I did work as a teacher assistant for 3 years. Ron and I raised 6 children and now have 8 beautiful granddaughters and one grandson, plus 2 more on the way. I became a Christian 45 years ago, and have been active in Christian Women's Clubs for 25 years, which includes sharing my testimony as a speaker. I studied piano most of my life, have led the Ramona Concert Assn. For 20 years, swim almost every day and have always been busy in politics.