Roma - Trevi Fountain - St. Peter’s

Marlene and I signed up for a tour of some other Church’s and the Catacomb's one afternoon, and this was the bus that we rode on. Kind of cute ? Anyway they will not let you take pictures in the tombs, and they have taken all the bones out because people were stealing them! Very interesting and worth seeing. After the tour we could chose a place to be dropped off on way back, so we chose the Trevi Fountains. They are very picturesque, and crowded!
This is a picture of St. Peter’s Basilica! After visiting for the 3rd time and visiting the Capitol Building, I am convinced that Michelangelo was more of a genius as and architect & sculptor than as an artist, painting the Sistine Chapel!
Michelangelo’s Pieta, on the right was done when he was 25 yrs. old. It is one of the main attractions. This was a scene from a corner in one of alcove’s.
The sculpture above is the Apostle Thomas, name sake of my Son Thomas! It was in one of the other church’s we visited.
Pope Alexander VII, 1655-1667. Bernini's last Masterpiece! The funeral drape is Sicilian jasper. The Pope is white marble.The Statues left foot rest on England!
The Spanish Steps above! It is promoted as one of the romantic places in Rome. This is romantic?

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