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My Trip to Sicily 2007

Agrigento Page Two!

Diana & I were thrilled to see our names on this store, a profumeria (perfume store.) We talked with him, but he is not related to our Marchese Familia.Owner is on his cell phone (like here.)
Colorful wildflowers blooming between the Temples of Agrigento.
Here is a real cute passage way in the medieval town of Agrigento. I guess we would call it a stairway alley.It was so beautiful seeing swallows flying all during the day.In a hundred year old book I have,you can see the swallows there also.
The inside of one of the many beautiful churches Agrigento.
Here is a closer view of the same alter. We ran out of time to visit all of the chiesi.
This was a very different Christian church. It was built on top of the remains of a Greek Temple. The floor of the church was all thick glass. It made you step very carefully.This is very common in all of Italy.
The best part !! Pesce Spada ! Swordfish.What a FISH and a great picture. They were cutting this fresh pesce and we were there ! It is Sicily's favorite fish !!
Here the handsome and gentile butchers are sawing this fish like a wooden log. We asked who in town was serving their swordfish, and we ate dinner there.Buon Appetito !!!
Well, here we are eating the pico colazione (small breakfast) which is typical in all Italy. This is at the Agrigento B&B.

The 2nd best part !!! A great GELATO bar. Notice the artistic way they display the gelato !! All sorts of flavors.

Note: Music by Quartet Gelato!!

Yes, that is me really enjoying the treat !! That is just a single dip, un euro !! This and Cannoli are a reason to COME TO SICIY.
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