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My Sicily Trip 2007


Founded in 581 BC, this collection of Greek Temples in Agrigento are worth seeing. Earthquakes, vandalism, and invasion by Carthage in 406 BC have done alot of damage but it is still awsome to see these Giants of Antiquity. Above is the Temple of Concord, used as a Christian Basilica in the 600's AD.
Temple of Juno, used for the Greek Weddings, or after the wedding, used to complain to the Gods about an unfaithful husband.
What is left of the Temple of Heracles.
This is beautiful scene showing the old and new of Agrigento.
This is all that is left from the Temple of Jupiter. It is one of the "Atlantis" men that surrounded and held up the temple. That is Diana standing by Mr. Atlantis. So glad the God I worship is not made by men or of stone. The Lord God is Everlasting !!
Temple of Castor and Pollux, Greek twin Gods. Not much left at all. The temples at Paestum, in Southern Italy, are in much better shape.
A beautiful crucifix in one of the churches.
This is the main street of the old center of Agrigento. At the end is one of their many churches.
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This is a typical sight in Sicily, niches in the walls along the street with beautiful sacred pictures, flowers and a place for an offering.