Anna & Julia Sundberg

Eighth Birthday Party

August 22, 2007

Here are the Birthday† girls with grandmother Marlene!!
Julia is dressed and ready to go!! The girls had chosen to have a pool party at grandmothers house this year!!

Aunt Natalie in pink, with daughter Sarina on left, cousin Nieto with mother Elaine Phillips to the right!!

Grandmother Marlene in the pool with Anna!! Her son John in background!
A shot of the party from a distance, a lovely day!
Anna and Julia with their cousins and a couple of young friends from L.A.

Anna and Julia opening presents with cousin Sarina looking on! One said something funny!

Teen age sister, Katharine seems to be saying, I didnít think it was funny! Donít pick on me!

Itís cake time!! Grandmother Marlene had made a couple of cakes, which was enjoyed by all!

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A HAPPY MOM! She is displaying her engagement ring from boyfriend Ken Currier. They were leaving the next day for Hawaii to get married.