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Paris, France
This was picture of a Chateau, taken from the bus on the way to Paris. The farm land along the way was very scenic!!!
This is Marlene and a few photos taken from the Eiffel Tower. It is the the most scenic of the sites in Paris!!
The next biggest attraction is the Louvre. It has a large and wide array of different art forms!! When we were there in 1988, they would not let you take a photo of the Mona Lisa, even with no flash!! On the right is "Heroic Captive" by Michelangelo.
They have a large Egyptian display. This was full size, not a painting!! Below is the " Crowning of Napoleon" It was a large tapestry on the wall.
This is the Notre Dame Cathedral. It took 200 years to build? It is nice, but compared to other Cathedral's it is average!!
On the left is the Museum, where Napoleon is entombed. Above is a shot down the Champs Elysees!!
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