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John Marchese Page Two
A handsome young John Marchese!! Picture was taken about 1944-45!!
John and wife to be Dee Ginther at Balboa Park about 1934!
This photo was also taken at the same time, since John is wearing same outfit and standing in the same location. John and Dee married March 10, 1934.
John and Dee sharing a happy moment!
John and Dee celebrated their 50th wedding Anniversary {1984}at our home in Ramona. This photo below was taken in our back yard. Left to right, Mario Jr. Josephine, Victor, John and Joe Marchese.
John and Dee with Marlene and kids at Christmas 1967. Natalie on left, baby Valerie in John's lap and his name sake, grandson John Phillips on right!
Music,"Fall in Love" by John's brother Victor Marchese!!
John with his younger brother Joe. This photo was likely taken when Joe returned from his wedding to Mabel in Reno, Nevada.
John, wife Dee and daugher Marlene, sharing time together Easter 1968 at the lath house in parents backyard!!
This is Mario Sr. on left, his son Victor's 1st wife, Emily Tavaras to his left, Joe's wife Mabel and his daughter Josephine on the right! The photo is about vintage?
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