Justin Love Robershaw

Birthday Celebration

February 18th - 19th

Four Years Old

Since Justin has been into}Thomas} trains for a couple of years, Dad Tom thought it would be fun to take Justin on a trolley ride as part of his birthday celebration!! Above with Justin and Dad Tom are his Uncle John and his two son's Nieto and Giovanni!!
Grandmother Marlene and nephews Nieto and Giovanni!!
The birthday boy Justin looking for the trolley!!
Grandmother Marlene, Giovanni, and his Mom Elaine headed for the trolley. We all met and had lunch in La Mesa, CA before the trolley ride!!
The boys!! Dad's Tom, John and son's Giovanni, Justin and Nieto in front!!
The ride begins!! We got aboard in La Mesa and rode to El Cajon and back!! FUN, YES!!
Justin is joined by cousin Giovanni who will be 4 years old in March!!
Dad Tom, and Justin taking in the sites! Another trolley was passing going the opposite direction in the picture on the right!!
Uncle John and son Nieto!!
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The trolley ride is over and it was back to Grandma and Papa Ron's house to play with our toy trains!!
The party ballons are up and tomorrow cake and ice cream!! Notice the orange colors of the ballons, Justin had picked orange as his favorite color!!