Happy Birthday Marlene!!

Seventy Five!!

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While we were in Texas this past June for our Robershaw Family Reunion, the Holiday Inn we were staying at, had a promotion. It stated that if you stayed 3 nights you could log in to their website and get a free night somewhere else? Well Marlene logged in and after some haggling, they agreed she had a free night coming. We generally go stay in Coronado, CA over night for her birthday. There is a large Holiday Inn at the Bay of San Diego, CA. This is where Marlene decided to use her free night. It turns out this Holiday Inn is not on their website listing. She called local information and got their phone #. And on her birthday, Dec. 4th we checked in for our free night!!!!!!!!!! In the photo above Marlene is standing on our 11th floor room, outside balcony.
Above are some more photos from our balcony, with the city in the background. In the picture on the left is a shot of the historic Santa Fe Railway station, in the background. In the center is a night photo. It actually was prettier at night. And on the right, the Birthday Girl is taking it easy!!
After we settled in, Marlene and I decided to take a stroll along the bayfront. Above is Marlene in front of the World War 11 carrier the Midway. In the distant background, you can see the statue on the right! True World War 11 vintage, about 20 ft. tall + or-.
This is a statue of Bob Hope with audio of his tours, speaking to a group of soldiers!! After visiting this area, Marlene and I strolled on down to Seaport Village, { a picturesque shopping mall} and treated ourselves to an ice cream cone!!
This picture on the right is a Carnival cruise ship, that was docked in the Bay. We watched it back out, to go on it's way to Mexico. Then Marlene and I walked up the hill a little ways to the Italian district, "Little Italy" for dinner!! Yum, Yum!!
Surprise, Suprise!! We got on the glass outside elevator the next morning and there were two new cruise ships unloading, center photo!! On the left is looking back at the Midway. On the right is looking to the north toward the Star of India, one of the old sailing ships!! Well to get breakfast, we went across the street and made our way through the horde of people with their suitcase's to the Bayside restaurant, bringing and end to a wonderful Birthday Celebration in San Diego. Then it was on to our son Tom's in Lake Forrest, CA. We celebrated there by watching our twin g.daughters in a school Christmas play. Then in the evening, Tom took the Family and Mom Marlene out to and Italian restaurant where the waitress sang "Happy Birthday" to Marlene in Italian!!!!!!!!!
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